About me

Good day! This is me:

My name is Katie and I'm 23 (hard to believe as I look quite young). I currently live Leek, a cute village in the UK! Moving back in with my parents from living on my own for the last 4 years has been an adjustment but you soon get used to living rent free and the fridge been full. I am currently studying to be a social worker by day and the rest of the time I'm either eating or thinking about food. I have a labradoodle called Ruben who is my world and the only man in my life... As well as Matt. 

I spend a lot of time cooking SW recipes and following that lifestyle... I think I was born chubby. I love baking too but it's so hard to remember that baking is to make a cake and not so you can eat the cake mix! I also enjoy binge watching TV, reading, exercising some times, travelling and spending time with my friends and dog. My dream is to take up skydiving as a sport!! 

Thanks for taking time out of your day



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