Saturday, 10 September 2016

Hair Care Routine

Hey guys,

So to accomplish the perfection that is me, I have to take care of both my insides and my outsides. What you eat influences everything such as your skin, your appearance, mood and your hair! So I thought I would give you a small post about how I take care of my hair. I think it's important to give it that extra boost and this may not be something people are interested in but it has taken me many months to get my routine down for my hair. 

Food and hair:

The main component of your hair is Keratin, a type of protein that gives hair strength. So what better way to replenish it then by having lots of protein in your diet.
I choose: Eggs, steak, beans, broccoli 

Carbohydrates give your hair that natural shine and without them, your hair is going to start looking dull and lifeless so grab a bowl of pasta! Also those who opt for no carb diets may experience hair loss (yikes!)
I choose: porridge oats, pasta and brown bread.

Zinc is an element that prevents itchy scalps.
I choose: Cereals, beef and eggs

Hair Care

I only wash my hair every 3-4 days depending on activity and laziness. I do work a lot and sometimes it can be the last thing on my mind. This varies depending on each person; some people wash their once a week and others every day. Hair is such a personal choice! I trained my hair and pushed through the grease and now looking back I'm so glad as my current hair routine takes so long but is so worth it!!

(All products I use are drugstore!!)

I use L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay hair mask on my roots when first stepping into the shower. I put a palm sized amount on my roots and leave it or 10 minutes whilst I de-hair other body parts...

Now I could fork out and buy expensive shampoo and conditioner. However I never have done and what I use does the job. 
I use Dove Intensive Repair shampoo, through all of my hair and wash it out. Next I apply Dove Conditioner to the ends of my hair up to about my ears and leave it for a few minutes. I think this works for me as my roots do not go as greasy. 

Step out the shower, dry off, walk around for 20 minutes, look at my phone and having a brew.

Brush my hair and apply a few squirts of Aussie 3 Miracle Oil into my hair and apply it to the ends of my hair. I do not apply it to the roots (no thank you) and then blow dry my hair.

I straighten my hair almost everyday if I'm not at work. So I apply Charles Worthington heat protect spray. Honestly, this stuff lasts for ages and is really good for giving your hair that extra shine. I've been using it for years.

After straightening I apply hairspray for extra hold and ta-da it produces the beauty that you see below. 

Let me know what you think and what food helps your hair look amazing.

Love Kate xx

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