Sunday, 25 September 2016

Exploring the wildlife in Leek

Hey guys,

This is a non-food related post if you are only here for the food! I always think of Sundays as lazy days, meant for PJs and watching films (day of rest) and forget that places are still open on Sundays. So when I do something on this day that involves getting dressed, it's all still very surreal to me. 

Me and Matt visited Peak Wildlife Park in Leek and got to see the lovely animals, including penguins, lemurs and wallabies. 

My favourite were the lemurs, they are so cute and I went slightly overboard on the amount of photos I took of the animals

There were other visitors feeding the penguins and other animals. It costs £75 to hang out with the penguins for an hour?! We paid to get into the park and that was it. 

There were some cute meerkats that were obviously used to the public. Meerkats are not endangered (woo!)

We also got to wonder round these wallaby enclosure. Unfortunately they didn't want to say hi but hopefully when we visit Australia in 2017, we will get to see some more of them.

The birds were the final animal before finishing with a cup of tea. There were peacocks, waldrap ibis and long necked cranes

We loved our visit to the park. If you have kids (or not like us!) then you should visit if you are in the Leek (Staffordshire) area

Hope you enjoyed my animal photoshoot and have a good week

Love Kate xx

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  1. That much money to hang out with penguins?!! Wow, that's expensive!
    Aleeha xXx