Friday, 13 November 2015

Quinoa Porridge - your new favourite

Cinnamon Quinoa Porridge with Fruit and Yogurt

Still don't know how to really say Quinoa out loud yet.

This will be truly your new go to breakfast. I have raved about this to other members of my slimming world group and they are wary, mostly because they don't know what to use Quinoa with or how they should go about it. I'm trying to figure out what Quinioa is good for as I've seen it become more popular (you may have seen me use it in another recipe)

This has the warm flavours and tastes of porridge that melts in your mouth without using your healthy B! I am a convert after hearing raving reviews across the web. I've adapted a few recipes across the web to make quinoa porridge slimming world friendly.

It does need about half hour to prepare and make it scrumptious. Then served with fruit and yogurt, this is a dream!

I encourage you to give it a go and let me know what your thoughts of quinoa porridge are


  • 250ml almond milk
  • 50g quinoa 
  • 2 tsp cinnamon (optional but will add to taste!)
  • 1 grated carrot (optional but will add to taste)
  • 1 tsp sweetener 
  • Any fruit
  • 1/2 fat free mullerlight yogurt

1. Bring almond milk to boil

2. Add quinoa, carrot and cinnamon to milk and stir in. Reduce to simmer and cook for 10 minutes

I normally use cinnamon powder, however I had none left so cinnamon stick!

3. After 10 minutes, the mixture will reduce and add more liquid if it starts to stick. Add sweetener and add more if you like it sweet

4. Serve into a bowl and add fruit and yogurt.

Notes: My porridge doesn't have carrot in it as I did not have any left, however have included it in the recipe as would usually use carrots


Katie xx

Monday, 9 November 2015

Bacon Fries - Pinterest Review

Bacon Fries

I just wanted to start by saying sorry I've not posted over the weekend. I work during the weekend and my parents, love them dearly, cook nearly all my meals bar breakfast so I have nothing to post! Unless I show you what my parents are cooking!

Today was what you expect if you describe the UK, cold and miserable. It was raining cats and dogs! Apart from been stuck in awful traffic, I had hair that was greasy but no time to wash it and it was a Monday! Did I need any more excuses to have this stodgy lunch, I think not?

A big helping of Bacon fries was almost certainly in order to cheer me up. Especially since I was eating whilst watching the second to last ever episode of Downton Abbey, woe is me. Carlton will live on in our hearts I'm sure.

These are syn free and pure heaven on a plate.
Again, as long as you are not veggie.

Also, some clever clogs of you may notice that these were quite popular on Pinterest. I wanted to try them out as they seemed easy to make and needed few ingredients.


  • 1 potato (peeled and chopped into fries)
  • 4 slices of bacon
  • 1 egg
  • 250ml skimmed milk


1. Peel and chop your potato into the shape of fries. Place them in boiling water and boil for 5 minutes then drain.
My fries which look like pasta in the pan

2. Meanwhile, cook your bacon until crispy and add to blender if you have one if not don't worry!

If you want to be uber healthy, grill your bacon!!

3. Preheat oven to 180 degrees

4. Mix egg and milk and place potato fries in mixture. Make sure fries have been evenly coated in mixture. Next drain liquid away.

This does not look appetizing, but scroll down to see what it turns into before you get put off

5. Either coat fries in already crumbled bacon or crumble bacon onto fries using hands. 

I had a first world problem: my blender broke so my bacon was crumbled by hands

6. Spray baking tray using frylight or baking paper and add fries.

7. Cook for 30 minutes and serve!

Rating: I think this is a new good idea that is relatively quick to make and serve. However, I followed the instructions as shown on the Pinterest Bacon Fries but mine don't look as amazing as their picture. As slimming world meals go, I think we do struggle for lunch ideas so I think this is a good one and mine were so tasty! Will be making this again

Note: Remember to cut your fat off your bacon!


Katie xx

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Family favourites

Steak Bake, Chips and Mushy Peas

A list of family favourites too!

I didn't have a lot of time to make tea tonight and after been at uni all day I wanted something that was relatively quick. Although, I love slimming world I know a lot of the meals do take a while which can put some people off especially if you have children or are in a hurry. 

Today's tea wasn't anything special and was something that is probably a classic in many slimming world households across the country. So I didn't want to leave you with a recipe that many people have made on a regular basis (especially when it's normally my mum who cooks this particular one) so I thought I would compile a list of my top 10 tasty and quick slimming world recipes. I think if anyone is new to slimming world this can definitely help or if you just fancy something tasty and a homemade meal.

I do have to say that even when I'm not following slimming world religiously, I still cook the slimming world recipes because they are nutritious and filling which is what you want from a meal. I don't do salads!!

At the bottom if you still want the recipe for my steak bake which was super yummy, though not appealing to the eye, I have included that at the bottom.

These are my top 10 essential recipes that if I don't have time to think or meal plan, these are my go to meals. I haven't included what vegetables I include with each meal as that depends on what are in season and what I fancy on the day.

1. Gammon, chips, eggs and beans

I boil my gammon so an hour max for the gammon and the rest takes less than half an hour! This always make a good Sunday meal if a roast is out of the question

2. BBQ pulled pork

I wrote about this recipe last week but I'm a firm believe in the power of the pig. You chuck your pork in the slow cooker and the BBQ sauce doesn't take long. 

3, Steak Bake, wedges, beans

Tonight's dish of choice. Whoever thought of thins instead of pastry genius! I also eat the steak on it's own and not to sound like a snob but before the steak bake trend, I would not have touched canned
steak with a pole. However, I'm a convert.
It has to be Asda's own stewing beef.

4. Spaghetti and Meatballs

Classic dish that I order in Italian restaurants so I'm glad I can recreate it on slimming world. I'm not a fan of pork meatballs as they can often be too dry.

5. Stir Fry

Lots of veg and just looks healthy. This dish can be packed full of flavour with the right noodle and right sauce. Avoid Aldi's stir fry sauces, they are high syns

6. Jacket potatoes with filling of choice

These are good for lunch and tea and for amateur cooks. You can make these as fancy or as simple as you want from the twice baked potato to the jacket and beans.

7. Spaghetti Bolognese

Something simple and tasty. The sauce takes a little while to cook but it can be bought from frozen from Iceland if you don't have time to cook the sauce. 

Spaghetti bolognese

8. Burgers and chips

Burgers can be made to look like Instagram food porn; add your bacon, cheese, gerkins, tomatoes whatever you want. Who can resist a burger? They take half an hour to cook in the oven. 

New York bacon burgers with Cajun wedges

9. Fish and chips

It's good to add fish every now to your diet. I only like a few types of fish, one been in batter. The slimming world version of a batter is a good substitute. 

Crispy cod and chips

10. Chicken Skewers and veg medley.
This can be made using wooden or metal skewers. It's a simple but effective meal that goes nice with cous cous. 

Chicken and lemongrass skewers with spiced rice

Steak Bake and Chips Recipe


  • 1 tin of Asda Stewed steak
  • 3-4 Kingsmill brown thins
  • 1 egg
  • Potatoes
  • Beans/mushy peas
  • Paprika


1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees

2. Cut potatoes into wedges and parboil into boiling water for 5 minutes.

3. Meanwhile prepare steak bakes - spray baking tray with frylight and whisk an egg in small bowl

4. Coat half the thins with egg and split stewed steak between thins, place other half of thin on top. Press down to seal and coat with egg.

5. Spray baking tray with frylight and add wedges. Spray with frylight, salt, pepper and paprika

6. Cook wedges 25-30 minutes and steak bakes for 20-25 minutes

For some of my top 10, I have included pictures from slimming world website or no picture. This is because I haven't taken a picture since been on slimming world.

Please comment if you have any other family favourites

Monday, 2 November 2015

Zombie cheerleader - zombie's don't eat food!

"Oh I think I found myself a 'zombie' cheerleader"
I was so annoying on Halloween.


This post has nothing to do with food. I just thought it would make a nice change for me not to drone on about food or to show you that sometimes I do when I leave my kitchen. 

I love getting to dress up as it's so much fun and I can just act like a big kid on a night out rather than attempting to "sexy dance", something I have never been good at! This year I dressed up as a zombie cheerleader. I wanted something easy as I was at work until late. I tried covering myself in fake blood in the hurry of getting ready but it wouldn't come out the next day, it was rather a disaster!! I had a really good night which was the main thing.

I followed a few youtube tutorials to get my look. If you really really wanted to look like this on a regular basis, you could probably find it on youtube which I have posted below or just comment and I'll let you know how I did it.

It did not take long and I think it looks good! Very zombie like.

My Halloween costume throughout the last few years. 

Now my cheerleader costume.... It's not child friendly. It was extremely short but then I guess if a child did want to wear it, it would probably be knee length on them!. I got it from eBay and it was cheap so I cannot blame anyone but myself. However, it got the job done! Next year, I need to go for something that is not fake blood related...

My friends went as dark red riding hood and beetle juice and they both looked super amazing. 

5 things about me as a zombie cheerleader/night out
1. Time to get ready - 1 hour and a half on a night out
2. Drink of choice - vodka and diet coke or a cocktail
3. False eyelashes always on a night out - best thing I learnt how to do at uni
4. Chicken and chips at the end of the night
5. My humps - Black Eyed Peas is my song on a night out!

Note: Fake blood really really hard to get off skin! My face was just red all Sunday. 

who goes out on Halloween not dressed up? I have no time for these people.

Links to youtube tutorials:
I used this tutorial to learn how to make the zombie bites and cuts
I used this tutorial to learn how to get the zombie eyes, base and lips

Hope you all enjoyed your Halloween