Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Risotto bro'

Bacon, Chorizo and Sweet Pepper Risotto

Risotto is not something to be feared anymore! Although fancy and delicious, it has us amateur cooks us in a fizz over nothing!
I too look in awe of people who can read a book, feed their dog and chat to their partners whilst they cook and present this beautiful meal that belongs in Jamie Oliver's restaurant. However, we too the underdog can achieve an above average risotto!

This recipe below is your bog standard risotto, it is easy but delicious. Present this to your future friend/fiance/wife/lover whoever and they will be amazed!! Ok... So I'm bigging it up a little bit too much. It is good for cooking a simple risotto when you want to impress and when you don't want to spend hours slaving away in front of the stove.

I had to tweak the recipe a little as I use what I have in the cupboards and I didn't have veg stock so I used chicken stock - no biggy! Just made my risotto a bit more brown! 

  • 200g risotto rice
  • 5 bacon rashons (fat removed)
  • 25g chorizo
  • 1 onion
  • 2 asparagus sticks
  • 1/2 sweet pepper
  • A handful of frozen sweetcorn
  • A handful of frozen peas
  • 750ml of veg stock

1. Prepare your meat and veg. In my Paella post from a few days I used chorzio, so I had some left over chorizo and who doesn't love chorizo? 
Except vegetarians, vegans and pigs?

I had to pause for a few minutes whilst I held back my tears - this is not optional for some. Please tell me if there are ways you can stop onion tears.

2. Cook your meat and veg in frylight (of course) on a low heat in a wok/deep pan for 5 minutes.

Now this part requires multi tasking unless your prepared. 

Whilst you are cooking your M&V, weigh out your risotto rice and measure out your stock. I cannot multi-task so I had to turn off my pan whilst I did this, delaying food!

3. When you have your rice and stock ready to go, pour your risotto into the pan with your M&V - IMPORTANT: do not add stock at this point. Just stir everything together and continually stir for a minute or so

This above is meant to show you the continual progress of my risotto from the top left to the bottom right (excuse the awful photos)

4. Pour in a little bit of your stock, stir continuously until it is absorbed then add more stock. This should take 18 minutes in total. I like to set myself a timer to steady my stock pouring (I just start thinking, why is my risotto looking like a soup?!!?)

5. 18 minutes is done, add your frozen veg and just stir it all together for a minute.

6. Take off the heat and put a plate/lid over the top and leave for a few minutes. Get some plates out, shout dinner, take a selfie - whatever takes a few minutes!

7.Season and serve!

Top tips for risotto:

I am loving loving loving (3x) these bacon medallions from Aldi stores at the moment and not just in risottos. They have the fat removed already so you don't end up wasting half the bacon. My dog doesn't love them so much.... 
Also they are a good price! They do sell bacon medallions at other shops!

If you don't have knorr stock pots in your cupboards, because (a) you don't have time to go shopping (b) you shop at Aldi like me  - then use the cubes I think they do a good job too. You might need to use 2x stock cubes in a risotto

You need patience!

This is the website who I got the original recipe from: Bacon+mushroom risotto


Katie xx

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